Withdrawal instructions & withdrawal form

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Withdrawal instructions

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw your contract without giving reasons within 14 days. The revocation period is 14 days starting on the day that you or a third person appointed by you took posession of the product.
To make use of your right of withdrawal, you have to contact and inform us (Militärische Antiquitäten Emig, Klaus-Peter Emig, Alter Postweg 1, D-67346 Speyer, Telefon 062326865875, Fax 062326865876, Mail: kpemig@aol.com) via an explicit statement of your withdrawal (Letter via Mail, Telefax or E-Mail). You can use the model-withdrawal form below.

If you use your withdrawal right, we will immediatley confirm your withdrawal (via Email).
To be observing the revocation period, you have to send out the withrdrawal notification within the revocation period.

Implications of withdrawal

If you withdraw your contract, we have to repay you all your payments we already received, including shipping or delivery costs (excluding additional costs  that occur if you choose a different, more expensive way of delivery, than we originally chose), immediatley and not later than within 14 days starting on the day that we received your withdrawal statement. For your repayment we will use the same payment option that you originally used, unless a different way of repayment is explicitly agreed upon. There will be no fee for your repayment either way.

We can refuse your repayment, until we received the product/s back or you provided proof of sending back the product/s, whichever occurs first.

You have to send back the product/s immediatly and within 14 days, starting on the day that you gave notice of your withdrawal. To be observing this period, the products have to be posted within the period.

You bear the direct cost of delivery.

You only have to compensate for the loss in value, if the loss of value is caused by bad handling and can be traced back to you.

Exclusions from the withdrawal right

The withdrawal right does not affect contracts for products/wares:

  • that are not pre-assembled and whose production require individual requests or determinations from the consumer.
  • that are easily perishable or whose date of expiry is easily reached.
  • that are sealed and because of health protection or hygiene factors not suitable for return, if the seal was broken after delivery.
  • that are inseparably mixed with other goods or products after delivery
  • that are alcoholic drinks or spirits, whose price was agreed on conclusion of the contract, but could change because of current fluctuation of the market on which the contractor has no influence, if the product can be delivered 30 days after conclusion of the contract the earliest.
  • that are audio- or video recordings or computer software in a sealed package, if the seal was broken after delivery.
  • that are newspapers, journals or tabloids with the exeption of subscriptions at publishing companies.

Withdrawal form

With the following form you have can withdraw your contract.

Withdrawal form

This form will be send to you with every acknowledgement of receipt.